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Feasibility Study Published

The Study for a shared Haisla Nation/Kitimat Museum facility is available on the Museum’s shared facility information page. The consulting team led by Senior Heritage Advisor Donald Luxton has now completed the document.

Next step — Haisla Nation Executive Council and District of Kitimat staff will meet to create a Memorandum of Understanding. Investment when and how much must be determined by both communities. The Museum Project is a multi-step process that will require time. A decision must be made on the site. Lot 14 (District land) and Haisla Centre (Haisla land) are two of four sites under consideration.

Additionally, CEDI (Community Economic Development Initiative partnership between Haisla Nation Council and the District of Kitimat Council) will be involved in the decision making.

Review the Action Plan on pages 51-52. The Project is now in Stages One—Five. CEDI will figure prominently in the journey forward for the two communities. For Stage Four, tours will be planned to regional facilities. To begin, Museum Board Vice Chair Arthur Renwick (Haisla Nation member) and Museum Director Louise Avery will visit Haida Gwaii in September 2023 to present the Study at the BC Museums Association Conference. They also plan to explore Saahlinda Naay – the Haida Gwaii Museum.

cover of the feasibility study