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Consider volunteering for the Museum.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Museum Explorers
  • Assisting with the Museum Explorer’s program delivery in elementary schools.
  • Assisting Museum staff with varied projects.
  • Joining the Museum Board. The commitment to the Museum Board is:
    • being an active member of the Museum (annually purchase an individual membership).
    • Attend one regular meeting every second month (the fourth Tuesday).
    • Attend additional meetings called by the Board Chair.
    • Attend Museum events such as receptions and speaking engagements.
      Members of the Board of Directors are expressly charged with having an in-depth knowledge of the contents of the Organizational and Policy & Procedures manuals. All objectives, decisions and actions of the Society must either reflect the policies, or result in revisions to the policies to allow for otherwise excluded concerns.
  • Working with the Curator/Manager, Board members’ primary duties include:
    • Determining the goals and objectives of the organization
    • Volunteers on Stump Puller Project
    • Assisting paid staff as required, but not interfering in the day-to-day operation of the Museum
    • Developing the governing and operating policies of the organization
    • Regularly reviewing the Museum goals, objectives and policies
    • Regularly reviewing Museum by-laws, mission, objectives, and mandate
    • Approving a budget that will allow the Board and its employees to meet the Museum’s goals and objectives (The Board of
    • Directors will present the budget to the membership, the public and to public officials)
    • Providing suitable facilities to enable the Museum to adequately serve the community
    • Spending a minimum of one day each year on board development and using the skills gained to further the interests of the Museum
    • Reporting to the membership at the Annual General Meeting and to the public on Museum activities and performance.
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