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Explore human and natural history collections at the Kitimat Museum & Archives

Come and visit the Kitimat Museum & Archives collections

The Museum has human history artifact and archival collections and natural history specimens unique to the Kitimat Valley and surrounding area, including the Douglas Channel.  See below for an overview of the Museum's collections and view collection highlights at MemoryBC.

Donations are encouraged.  If you wish to make a donation, please contact the Executive Director directly at the Museum.


There is a large 400-specimen fossil collection dating back to the Jurassic Period (136-190 million years) and a collection of geology samples representative of the region’s geology. Some crab and mollusk shells and dried specimens of seaweed and coral are on display – representative of the Douglas Channel environment. The Museum also has collected taxidermy specimens of birds of the region, nests, migratory birds, and raptors. Woodland and estuary mammals of the region are also on display.

All Rights Reserved, Kitimat Museum & Archives. The Kitimat Museum & Archives is located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Haisla Nation.