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Andrea Guldin Art

Andrea Guldin is showing her latest exhibit “Come Play With Me – An Interactive Conceptual Art Exhibit” in the Upstairs Gallery, January 19th to February 24th, 2024.

“Come Play With Me” is half interactive conceptual art, half artist’s showcase. It invites the viewer to explore with their hands and minds while enjoying Andrea’s unique, textural, and colour-saturated style. Subject matter ranges from abstract colour exploration to nuanced explorations of humanity.

Andrea is an art teacher, creative writing coach, and accessibility advocate. This is her second solo show with the Kitimat Museum and Archives. She also exhibited a piece in our summer 2023 community show, “Made by Hand.” Through her series of interactive artworks, she proposes the theory that while the desire to create may be an innate human need, creativity itself is a learned skill – one which anyone can develop.

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About Andrea Guldin

I was born into a generational legacy of artists as long as she can trace on both sides of my family tree. I owe most of my skill to the immersive experiences I grew up with, along with a good dose of the how-hard-could-it-be neurodivergence I was lucky enough to be born with.

While contemplating the way I wanted viewers to feel and what message I wanted them to walk away with, one thing kept coming up.

What if we approached creativity as a learned skill?

What if we let go of the doubt, the restraint and the inner, knee-jerk objections? What if we were free to explore and develop our creativity without judgement? What if we could turn off the presumptions we have about what the art world wants, and instead focused on what felt good to create?

What if we approached creativity as something we are each born with the ability to do, and not as the commodity it is today?

By combining what I know to be true about creativity and the human need for connection with my personal passions of preventative mental health, arts accessibility and pride of place and purpose, I hope I have created an exhibit that encourages you to continue the conversation beyond these walls.


Comments from some of her collectors:

“Andrea Guldin’s art isn’t just something to hang on her wall, it’s a conversation starter. A journey through what makes us tick.” -Frank H. Fernie, BC

“Andrea seeks to explore everything it means to be human.” – Jacqui P., Los Angeles CA

“She’s the most talented person I know.” – Maureen O. the artist’s mother.

“Andrea can say with a sweep of colour what so many daren’t whisper to their closest friend.” – Kirsten G. Vancouver, BC

“I have no idea what she’s doing, but it keeps her mouth shut during maths.” – Mme. Grenon, Grade 4, Cormorant Elementary, Kitimat BC

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