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Art Show Opening Reception

Opening Reception

“Come Play With Me – An Interactive Conceptual Art Exhibit”,  with Andrea Guldin

January 19th 2024, at 7:00 pm in the Upstairs Gallery of the Kitimat Museum & Archives.

The Kitimat Museum & Archives invites you to join us for the opening reception of “Come Play With Me – An Interactive Conceptual Art Exhibit.”

Andrea Guldin is a local art teacher, creative writing coach, and accessibility advocate. She has created an exhibit that is half interactive conceptual art, half artist’s showcase. Through her series of interactive art pieces, she proposes the theory that while the desire to create may be an innate human need, creativity itself is a learned skill – one which anyone can develop.

“Come Play With Me” invites the viewer to explore with their hands and minds while enjoying the unique, textural, and colour-saturated style Andrea has become known for. Subject matter ranges from abstract colour exploration to nuanced explorations of humanity.

The reception will be held in the Museum’s second-floor gallery, which is wheelchair-accessible by lift. Come and enjoy refreshments, listen to Andrea’s talk on “Creativity as a Learned Skill,” and leave your own mark on the art!

For more information, visit or call 250-632-8950.