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293 City Centre Kitimat BC
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The Museum has human history artifact and archival collections and natural history specimens unique to the Kitimat Valley and surrounding area, including the Douglas Channel. See our collections page for an overview of the Museum’s collections and view collection highlights at MemoryBC.

Haisla Heritage Collection

The Museum displays a collection of Haisla heritage artifacts in its Upstairs Gallery. The collection includes those artifacts held in trust for the Haisla Nation such as the bentwood box pieces. 

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Alcan Project History. Miners meet in the tunnel

Alcan Project History

Browse through Kitimat history with these project images - a BC digital collection. The project was one of the most photographed and filmed construction jobs in BC history.

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Natural History Collection & More

There is a large 400-specimen fossil collection dating back to the Jurassic Period, and a collection of geology samples representative of the Douglas Channel environment.

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In 2017, the Kitimat Museum collaborated with the Kitimat Public Library to host an exhibition of visual arts and written works to celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada.

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