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Summer Student Positions

Note: summer programs are considered to be going ahead at a reduced number of students and participants at this time, in anticipation of relaxing restrictions in B.C.  However, this opening is subject to change due to lack of federal funding and reinstatement of restrictions.


Job Posting Descriptions – Printable version

Collections Assistant – One position at $18.00/hour for 11 weeks, 35 hours/week June 8 – August 21, 2020 Young Canada Works in Heritage Institutions – funding confirmed Working under the immediate supervision of the Manager of Collections, the Collections Assistant will increase access to museum collection holdings (artifacts, documents, maps, plans, and photographs) through documentation and display. The Collections Assistant will also increase the care of artifacts through safe storage and display. Working closely with the Manager of Collections, the Collections Assistant will work towards completing the following:

  • Documenting all artifacts on display. Some do not have records in the Museum’s collections database (Inmagic DB Textworks for Archives) and some are not identified as on display.
  • Adding several artifacts to the display drawers. Using a carving tool, create artifact space in foam for each artifact added.
  • Repositioning artifacts that have slid in some drawers.
  • Labelling drawers of artifacts. The Museum has a number of artifacts arranged in drawers on display. Drawer lists and artifact labels are needed. Some cases may need a label rewrite as well.
  • Walking back through the main register, check that all artifacts are entered in the database. Physically locate them in storage to confirm that the recorded locations are accurate. Update as needed.
  • Documenting rolled storage– maps, plans, posters, images.
  • Documenting map cabinet storage – flat storage for maps, plans, posters, images and miscellaneous oversized artifacts.
  • Re-numbering Education Collection artifacts with the suffix EDU. Artifact records are not identified at this moment in this sub-set.

These tasks will involve some physical numbering of artifacts, working in storage, and learning artifact care and handling. The Manager of Collections will work daily with the Collections Assistant, training and supervising him/her on the museum environment and collections management work. The Manager will provide training and supervision in database entry, appraisal, care and handling of materials, safe storage, creating shelf lists, and filing. If the Manager is not available (due to holiday) the Collections Assistant will be trained and supervised by the Museum Executive Director. Once the Assistant is trained, supervision is ongoing, but the Assistant will work independently much of the time.

Physical distancing between Museum personnel and the general public and regular work area disinfection will be observed.

Museum Educator – One position at $18.00/hour, 11 weeks, 35 hours/week June 8 – August 21, 2020

Museum Education OfficerTwo positions at $17.00/hour, 11 weeks, 35 hours/week June 8 – August 21, 2020

The summer education team redesigns, markets, and delivers the Museum Kids’ Summer of Adventure summer programming twice daily for 6.5 weeks for ages 3 to 9, a maximum of ten participants per program. Main activities include program assessment and improvement, marketing, delivery, and monitoring and maintaining supplies. Led by the Museum Educator, the team improves existing programming with new ideas and activities, creates and conducts registration and markets the programs around town using social media, posters, signs, and newspaper. The team also participates in the local Canada Day Parade.

Participants explore the local environment, history, arts, and culture through discussion, arts, crafts, songs, and games. The programs are learning opportunities specific to the region (within Skeena – Bulkley Valley) as well as echoing common national stories on early settlement, environmental sustainability, resource-based economies, and a multicultural community.

The team is encouraged to increase the educational quality of the existing programs, elevating them with educational fun. The Museum Educator reports to Museum staff on behalf of team progress and troubleshooting, assigns work as needed and sets the pace on the work. All team members are expected to participate in daily set-up/clean-up, planning, registration, and the Canada Day parade. The work is as follows:

  • Museum Educator to assign work based on each assistants’ skill and interest.
  • Review current permanent exhibitions and written sources learning about the local environment, history, arts, and culture. Programs will be created and updated from this information. The plan and challenge is to make “where you live” learning fun for children.
  • Review last year’s education team report and implement improvements to the existing programs and their delivery, and add new ones.
  • Learn area history and culture from current permanent exhibitions and written sources.
  • Incorporate Museum tours and Museum Explorer teaching kits with artifacts.
  • Research and prepare fun/energetic learning activities for educational content delivery.
  • Contact potential guest speakers in local history, arts, culture, and the environment.
  • Consider possible field trips in and around Kitimat to businesses, and in parks and on trails.
  • Consult with Museum staff on all possibilities to improve the programs.
  • Work with Museum marketing staff to update and market the brochure.
  • Set up visits to local schools and plan submission for the Canada Day Parade.
  • The team will coordinate program delivery, manage supplies, set up, clean up, and work on a written program assessment final report.
  • Present the programs to Museum staff at a special meeting, before the programs are delivered.

Participants are reduced per program. Physical distancing between participants, team members, Museum personnel, and the general public, and regular work area disinfection will be observed.


Positions dependent upon federal funding – to be confirmed