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Opening Reception Invitation

Save the Date! Meet the Artists!

Opening Reception!

Please consider joining us, and support the artists, for the opening of this group exhibition!

Friday, May 10 at 7 pm, at 222 City Centre Mall (lower level - the old EPIC store location).

❗️❗️❗️ The opening will take place in the Lower Mall, after mall hours, so please enter from the Museum courtyard door between Trigo’s and CIBC. All other Mall entrance doors will be locked.

The Museum space is much too small to hold everyone plus Haisla Braid, so City Centre Mall is generously donating the space for the event.

  • Chief Jasee Sam Robinson will speak on behalf of the Haisla Nation.
  • The Haisla Braid Singers & Dancers will perform.
  • Bläckfisk is catering and Darcie Grant’s fried bread with syrup will be served with punch and coffee. There will be seating and tables.
  • There will also be a small photographic display from the archives of Haisla artists over the decades. Attendees will then walk to the Museum to see the show. Everyone is welcome! Please join us!

All artwork on display at the Museum from May 8 to July 13, 2024.

Indigenous art is diverse, dynamic, and always relevant. The artistic tradition of the Haisla has existed for millennia and remains integral to the culture.
Haisla art has always been innovative, honouring Haisla and Henaksiala stories and culture. Today, new artists are blending traditional and contemporary styles with varying media to create an electric new energy. Experience the spirit of Haisla artistry through the artwork in this show. Over twenty artists of the Haisla Nation from out of town and within Kitamaat are involved in this dynamic show.

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The Haisla, meaning “dwellers downriver”, have occupied their traditional territory since time immemorial. Today, the Haisla people are centered on Kitamaat Village. Home to approximately 700 of the 2023+ Haisla members, Kitamaat Village sits at the head of the Douglas Channel in British Columbia. The balance of the Haisla live in places such as Kitimat, Terrace, Prince Rupert, in the metro Vancouver area and the United States.
Today’s Haisla Nation is an amalgamation of two historic bands – the Kitamaat of the Douglas and Devastation channels and the Kitlope of the upper Princess Royal Channel and Gardner Canal. Neighbouring nations include the Heiltsuk and Wuikinuxv bands of the Coast Tsimshian peoples [Courtesy of Haisla Nation].

To read more about Haisla history, or to see the Haisla origin story visit
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