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The Subtle Beauty of Kitimat: April 5 to May 4, 2019

This exhibition consists of a series of oil paintings depicting various landscapes of Kitimat throughout the year, both urban and the nature surrounding it. The inspiration came from the daily walks with my dog: town walkways and forest trails are usual guests on my canvas.


Artist’s statement

Many beautiful moments pass by unnoticed every day. The modern world is incredibly fast-paced and accelerating every year. That is why I try to slow people down and let them have another look at simple things that surround us; appreciate every moment before it’s gone.

I have worked with oils for the past five years as I find this medium to be the most responsive to my way of painting. I am mostly self-taught with an initial mentorship from a professional artist. Currently, I live in Northwest BC: a place with endless inspiration for an artist.

About the Artist

Alex Mikhailau is an emerging landscape artist who lives and works in Kitimat, British Columbia. A self-taught artist, Alex moved to Canada in 2013 from Belarus and continued to learn and practice the visual arts until in 2018 when he started presenting his works in local galleries and online.

In 2019, he was awarded Active Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists based on the evaluation of work recently submitted for jury. Influenced by Russian classic art school and French Impressionism Alex is looking for his way of capturing the beauty around us,

“I was lucky enough to have beauty in various forms surround me all my life. At some point, quantity transformed into quality and I started painting”.

Alex’s favourite medium is oil, in which he combines Plein-air and studio time to create his paintings.

‘The Subtle Beauty of Kitimat’ runs from April 5th to May 4th, 2019.

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