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Margaret Trenn, Monochrome Musings

Visit Monochrome Musings, by Margaret Trenn, on display at the Kitimat Museum & Archives from April 3rd to June 5th, 2021 in the Upstairs Gallery.

The photographic images in Monochrome Musings take you on a journey where shadow, contrast, tones, shapes, texture, and composition combine to convey the emotion of the subject in the absence of colour. Margaret has selected twenty images to muse over that serve to transport the viewer to another dimension of seeing.

Due to COVID, there is no reception for this event. The Upstairs Gallery is wheelchair accessible.

Covid-19: Gallery capacity is limited to 3 people and masks are required upon entry to the building. Learn more about the COVID-19 policies the Museum has in place.


Since first being gifted a Minolta SRT film camera as a child, Margaret Trenn found a way to observe and record her wonder, and appreciation, of the natural world. Making photographs is a meditative experience which allows Margaret to be immersed in nature, and to feel connected to the environment. By sharing, the goal is to illustrate and share some of the moments of awe-inspiring beauty, peacefulness, stillness, connection, and wonder.”

Artist Website: Margaret Trenn Photography


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