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Gavin Byrne: Dappled Sunshine on my Soul: How I Learned to Capture my Energy in Resin

“Dappled Sunshine on my Soul: How I Learned to Capture my Energy in Resin”, by Kitimat artist Gavin Byrne runs from April 6th until May 6th, 2023, on the second floor of the Museum.

In Gavin’s own words, “This show is a platform to share my energy with others. By encapsulating my energy in each piece, I hope to evoke a feeling in my fellow humans that allows them to see beyond the surface of people. I’m trying to help people understand that as a person with a disability, I am so much more than what you see on the surface.”

Gavin's show officially opens with an opening reception on Thursday, April 6th, at 7:30 p.m. Anyone is welcome to attend the opening reception, view the art, and enjoy refreshments. The upstairs gallery is wheelchair-accessible by lift.


Artist Statement

When I’m making art, I’m transported to a place in my mind that holds abundant creativity. I connect with source and let humanity and divinity flow through me. It’s an amazing feeling... like dappled sunshine on my soul. It’s that feeling we all have sometimes when the world is a beautiful place in just that moment in time.

I’m not able to use my actual voice to say what I feel so I’m saying it here with my art. I hope you will receive my message with an open heart. Let’s look inward together and decipher the messages we tell ourselves and others by saying I love you to our own hearts. Have faith in yourself and all is possible. To falter is human. To pick yourself up and try again is difficult but definitely worth it!

I hope to expand people’s perceptions of those of us living with disability. Only when you open your mind to all the possibilities will you see that love is the only thing that matters. Discard old judgements and live to your heart’s fullest potential! I’m hopeful that my art will change your perspective, if only a little bit. I’m dancing in my mind now that you have seen into my soul.


resin art created by Gavin Byrne

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