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Fine Arts Exhibition with Katherine Johnsen Extended

INSIGHT ~ MY INSPIRED and PASSIONATE journey with “The Muses”, by Katherine Johnsen

This exhibition has been extended to July 16, 2022, in the Upstairs Gallery of the Kitimat Museum & Archives.


Artist Statement

Katherine Johnsen

Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, Meaning Maker,
Artist, Writer, Muse Is In Facilitator, Fine Arts Specialist


For a long time, I surrendered my creative calling and held my creative breath. I was waiting for the gift of time, space and a spark of ignition. My creative dreams both haunted and beckoned me and I would push them away to fill my life with other things.

My exploration and connection to “The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)” by J. Badonsky, initiated and re-vitalized my creative spirit and it soon validated, that I was on the right path to living a more creative life.

Imagine me, confidently striving to be creatively awake and showing up each day to spend time with my self expression, imagery, words and ideas.

Each part of the Muse journey brought me closer to my creative self, offered me gifts of inspiration, brought me clarity, authenticated my intuition and provided me with time to reflect and explore new possibilities.

I discovered that when you value and live in the essence of your creative dream, it can and will enchant you, empower you and energize you.

I have settled into the arms of my creative energy and I am in love with my intentions to live passionately through my self expression, to celebrate my amazing imaginative mind and honour my willingness to explore my voice, ideas, talents and inspirations.

Here I am, living my authentic, free and joyfully creative life and I have the tools, the mindfulness and the compassion to fuel its’ continuity.

I get to nourish my creativity and inspire and share with others. I am thriving, and whole heartedly, and courageously I accept that I am the sovereign queen of my creative life…I believe and trust in me, as the meaning maker and intuitive wise one on my very own creative journey.


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