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Sherry Nielsen, Essential Oils

Essential Oils, an art exhibition by Sherry Nielsen will show in the Upstairs Gallery of the Kitimat Museum & Archives from September 18 to October 31, 2020. UPDATE: The end date of this show has been extended to October 31, 2020, instead of October 17th.

There is no opening reception for this exhibition.

Note: The Kitimat Museum is following recommended COVID-19 preventative measures, and limiting visitor capacity.
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Artist’s Statement

Playing with colour and how it works is magical for me. And painting in oil paints is essential. Nothing like a fresh pallet of paint to stick your nose in and just have a sniff. LOL!!! There is also a freedom of movement when you have just mixed your colours and are ready to apply your pigments.

I like to think of painting, that it is as unique as our voices, no matter what the image or theme, your expression will be different from the rest. What I look for mostly when I am painting is a colour pop, or something that makes it have it’s own song. It’s always interesting to stand back from a painting and feel movement, and then as you move forward you see all the colour and detail that was absent from the distance.

The works in this show have been chosen from new and older treasures. Like essential oils, some have deep notes and some are at a higher frequency. I will let the viewer decide which it is for themselves.


Sherry Nielsen is a Canadian artist who moved to Smithers in 1988. Growing up in central Alberta on a farm west of Elnora, is where she found her passion for art and the process of creating. Nielsen still takes several trips there per year as her mom still lives on the farm where Sherry grew up, and she has two adult children plus grandchildren there.

She has had a love for just taking in the scenery at an early age. After high school she went to Red Deer College to study Art and Design for a year. Continuing with different workshops over the years, working in different mediums, and also doing a fair bit of pottery. But it was in 1992 that she really found her niche in oil painting, the medium of her choice.

Like a couple of her instructors had told her, after about 400 hundred paintings it comes together. Lessons are great, but the only real remedy is time.

Life in the Northwest has also brought many opportunities for visual pleasure. Through her years here she has taken to the Northern landscape, from Smithers, all the way to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT and out to the Queen Charlottes, BC.

Sherry has shown both in group shows as well as solo shows over the years at the Smithers Art Gallery, Smithers, BC., the Terrace Art Gallery, Terrace, BC., and in a gallery in Prince George, BC.

Different Galleries who have exhibited her work over the years were Walsh Gallery, in Red Deer, Alberta, Harrison Gallery in Vancouver, BC, and  Yukon Gallery in Whitehorse, Yukon. She is currently showing at; Fortymile Gold & Gallery in Dawson City, Yukon; Nadine’s Gallery in Vernon, BC, and Mountainside Gallery, Terrace, BC. Plus you can visit her home gallery, Nielsen Gallery and Framing in Smithers, BC.

You can usually find Sherry in her studio on Hudson Bay Mountain Road, Smithers, BC  and her website is



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