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Classic Black and White: January 11 to March 2, 2019

In this exhibition, photographer Robin Rowland will exhibit film and digital black and white photographs. The photos feature work in photojournalism, landscapes, and portraits, from here in northwestern British Columbia, and around the world from 1974 to 2018.

Robin Rowland: “For the first one hundred years of photography, there was just one method available—black and white, from glass plates to large sheets of film to Kodak’s (and later, others’) rolls or film.  All forms of photography – from family snapshots to photojournalism to landscape and fine – were in black and white. Then came colour film and now cameras with millions of digital colours are everywhere, mainly on phones in holsters on peoples’ belts.

The versatility of the digital has brought a renaissance in black and white photography.  In competition with digital colour, black and white is now in the eyes of artists around the world.”


Kitimat Museum & Archives

The Kitimat Museum & Archives opened in October 1969 and has served Kitimat citizens for the past fifty years as the place for community and natural history, and an exhibition centre for visual arts.

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