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Angie McIntosh, Visions of the North

‘Visions of the North’, an art exhibition by Angie McIntosh will show in the Upstairs Gallery of the Kitimat Museum & Archives from June 11 to July 24, 2021. The artist’s goal for this show is to detail the connection between the planet and the ecology of our biome, through the beauty of the landscapes.

There is no opening reception for this exhibition.

Note: The Kitimat Museum is following recommended COVID-19 preventative measures, and limiting visitor capacity.


Artist Statement
Forest Mystery Triptych (2021) “Oil on canvas, 5 ft by 9 ft”
Angela Roth McIntosh

“The forest is life. It is the maker of water and air and fertility. It gives us life on earth. It is deep. It is mysterious. There are so many layers from towering trees to tiny microbes and even the soil underground. Clearcutting is a problem as replanting only conifers does not a healthy forest biome make. We have not and we do not understand what we do not see in the air, the water, the earth and in the depths of the soul of our natural virgin forest. We moved to cities. We lost our connection to the forest and its life-giving ways. We lost our way. We are losing our life by losing the source of our life and the life of our planet. From what we do not love nor understand we disconnect. We will disrespect. We hurt. We destroy it. We can kill because we do not see it as living. We do not see it as our life. We do not see it– that we are killing our self. We are in the business of destruction. We are in the business of greed, the business of death. We destroy our forests. We destroy our planet. We destroy ourselves. We must have hope. People young and old are reconnecting with their forests through knowledge, exploration and necessity when we are threatened by pandemic. Many are returning to nature, to forests to regain health, to regain peace. We reconnect with our forests, its beauty, its seven-layered forms of life. We see nature and wilderness as the source of health and all life on earth–the source of water and air, food for the body and spirit and a beautiful source for hope that is life itself. The forest is not our possession. It is the life source of our planet. It is life. It is our life.

In my painting “Forest Mystery” I am recording the mystery that is the forest. I am attempting to share the joy and the beauty of the mystery of the forest to allow people to reconnect to the forest. I want them to reconnect to the entire forest biome for it is the source of life on our planet. Without it there is no life. “


Artist Angie  McIntosh

Angela McIntosh was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.  Her Bear End home studio is in Penticton BC. She also maintains studios in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and for 17 years Stewart BC.  This has allowed Angie to explore and paint BC’s North from the glaciers, inlets, lakes, rivers and mountains of the west coast to the international border with southern Alaska. Her work has been found in galleries in  Puerto Vallarta, Stewart, Terrace, Penticton, her Bear End home studio and online at and Her blog is at

Angie is an Active Member of the FCA.  She received a B.A. from UBC and went to medical school.  She left to pursue painting and in 1987 studied with renowned artists Yang Feiyun and Prof. Wei at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.  McIntosh has painted in watercolours and acrylics but now focuses on oils.  She paints impressionistic realism in the studio and en plein air wherever she travels or lives, including Canada, Mexico, Italy, France and China.  She started the Puerto Vallarta and the Penticton Plein Air Painters groups.  Angie teaches her Pillars of Painting Workshops in Mexico and Canada.  She spends her winters painting in Mexico, and summers painting in the glaciers of the North. In-between, McIntosh is working in the Okanagan.

In 2010, McIntosh was the Meadowlark Artist and exhibited at the Penticton Art Gallery.  She has participated in solo and group exhibits in Canada and Mexico since 1989.

In 2019, Angie McIntosh celebrated 15 Years Painting in the North with an Exhibit at her studio in Stewart, BC.

In 2021, McIntosh worked on a series of northern paintings to be included in a summer solo exhibit ‘Visions of the North’ at the Kitimat Museum and Art Gallery in Canada, showing June 11 – July 24. Angie has seen the delicate connection between the health of our planet and the ecology of our biome.  She is working to increase awareness of this through the beauty of the landscapes of our North.

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