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Canadian Mosaic Project Visit

In 2017, for Canada’s 150th birthday, all of Canada will be united in one amazing visual! Photographer, Tim Van Horn, will be in front of the Kitimat Museum Monday, June 19, 2017 from 10am to 6pm for anyone who would like to stop by and be included in this evolving, country-wide art project.
A piece of art, and educational resource, the ‘To Canada With Love’ mobile pavilion is making history with the largest portrait ever created in Canadian history – and you can play a part! From the back of the pavilion a 7-foot wide door hinges upwards with curtains dropping down from all sides creating an outdoor, open air photo studio!

With each new portrait created, a Canadian family photo album will take shape and Canadians of all ages, clear across Canada will feel a connection to one another by having their visual story captured in a nationwide Canada 150 project! It’s likely 24,000 new portraits will be created in 2017. A new online mosaic will be unveiled on Canada Day 2018 using the Canada 150 flag.

The Canadian Mosaic Project

Create the largest portrait of the Canadian people for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, with a mosaic of 54,000 pictures from across the land.