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Art Exhibition: Essential Oils, by Sherry Nielsen

The Kitimat Museum & Archives is proud to present ‘Essential Oils, art by Sherry Nielsen’, in the Upstairs Gallery.

This exhibition will run from Friday, September 18th to October 31, 2020.

Due to COVID precautions there will be no opening reception.

Note: The Kitimat Museum is following recommended COVID-19 preventative measures, and limiting visitor capacity.
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Artist’s Statement

Playing with colour and how it works is magical for me. And painting in oil paints is essential. Nothing like a fresh pallet of paint to stick your nose in and just have a sniff. LOL!!! There is also a freedom of movement when you have just mixed your colours and are ready to apply your pigments.

I like to think of painting, that it is as unique as our voices, no matter what the image or theme, your expression will be different from the rest. What I look for mostly when I am painting is a colour pop, or something that makes it have it’s own song. It’s always interesting to stand back from a painting and feel movement, and then as you move forward you see all the colour and detail that was absent from the distance.

The works in this show have been chosen from new and older treasures. Like essential oils, some have deep notes and some are at a higher frequency. I will let the viewer decide which it is for themselves.

Note: This exhibition was previously scheduled to end on October 17th, but has been extended to October 31, 2020